A haven for Beer lovers, where we serve drinkable happiness and it is handmade! If you ask us this just couldn’t get any better.“Cold Beer and warm conversations make this bar a perfect place to be in”

Your life is an occasion - don’t waste it drinking just anything when we can offer you luxury in a keg.

They say “you meet a better class of people in the pubs “and we give you beer to go with it.

I have seen a pub or two – but ours is the best for you.


A beer lover’s paradise is what this brewpub is. Freshly made, lending the beer a veritable taste so superior and so refined in every sip that it will keep you coming back for more each time. Malted and produced by some of the best from the beer industry this micro-brewery resort in going to blow your mind with its quality and service. The liquor place has a lot more on their list of cocktail variables available to go with every mood and every fancy of each client. The quality control and processing is so solid it ensures that nothing but simply the best is served to their elite customers.

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