Women's Day Celebration 2024: A Tribute to Empowerment

Leading Ladies: Spotlight on Influential Women

Step into the limelight with us as we honor the exceptional women influencers who illuminated our resort, recognizing their remarkable impact and trailblazing accomplishments.

Shubhangi Atre: A Culinary Tribute to Women's Empowerment

Delight in the culinary brilliance of Shubhangi Atre, known for her role in ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’, as we honor women influencers through her culinary expertise, adding a flavorful touch to our celebration of empowerment.

Euphonic Harmony: Aakash Patwari Collective in Concert

Indulge in the enchanting melodies of Aakash Patwari Collective, as they elevate our Women’s Day celebration with their mesmerizing performance, creating an atmosphere of pure musical magic that resonates with the spirit of empowerment and unity.


Step into the vibrant tapestry of our Women’s Day celebration, a jubilant occasion held on March 8, 2024, where empowerment met elegance. The event sparkled with the presence of Shubhangi Atre, renowned for her role in ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’, whose charm and poise added a touch of star-studded glamour to our festivities.

Complementing this luminous aura was the enchanting performance by Aakash Patwari Collective, whose melodies filled the air with a symphony of empowerment. Their music resonated with the spirit of the occasion, weaving tales of strength and resilience that echoed the journeys of the women we honored.

At the heart of our celebration was a heartfelt tribute to women influencers, whose remarkable contributions have shaped industries and inspired change. From trailblazing entrepreneurs to dedicated activists, each honoree embodied the essence of empowerment, serving as beacons of inspiration for future generations.

As we reflect on this unforgettable gathering, we are reminded of the power of unity and solidarity in championing gender equality. Together, we celebrated the achievements of women, amplified their voices, and reaffirmed our commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable world. In the tapestry of our event, each thread represented a story of triumph and resilience, weaving together to create a vision of empowerment that will continue to inspire and uplift us all.