Meet Our Amazing TeamAt Brook N Pines, our team is the heart and soul of everything we do. From our chefs to our brewer and friendly staff, each person plays a big part in making your visit special.
Meet Chef Naveen Kumar:
Our Kitchen Hero

He is the mastermind behind our delicious dishes. With lots of experience and a passion for flavors, our chef creates meals that everyone loves. Whether you’re craving local favorites or international treats, he has got you covered.
Introducing Rudra:
Our Brew Expert

Rudra is the genius behind our amazing beers. He & his team puts a lot of love and care into every batch, making sure each sip is perfect. From refreshing IPAs to rich stouts, Rudra knows how to brew something special
Meet Our Wood-Fired Pizza Maestro

With skillful hands and a passion for perfection, our maestro crafts each pizza with love, skillfully blending flavors and textures to create an unforgettable dining experience

An adept team of individuals are responsible for not just coming up with something so unique but also in running the place making sure everything is up to standards and one extremely memorable experience for anyone who visits. Their team compromises of people who have knowledge not just in organising and micro – managing but also in terms of quality control, documentation and proficient decision making. Mr Vikas Chandra who has gained experience and thorough wisdom in the brewing process. From brewing to packaging he over sees the entire process keeping it absolutely free of hiccups and delivering nothing of sinfully good. His Review process is concrete to provide results in terms of product stability. Being a Brew master at various resotobars and cafes like the Warehouse café Gurgaon, Smaash Group, Prankster Gurgaon, Boombox Café Gurgaon, Inferno Brewbar Gurgaon, Boat House Chandigarh, JW Mariott Chandigarh, Culture Bar exchange Chandigarh, Motorworks Kolkata, Madmule, Bhubhaneshwar, The HOOK has given him ample hands on certification to produce a beer you will cherish for life. His ace in recipe development corroborates with the unique flavours that our three crafted beers possess that will capture your interest, heart and your loyalty towards this beer, we are that confident. His eye for details and need for perfection are such that not just the end product is so highly valued all services that a client over all receives at the resort are impeccable. They will ensure everyone has a hassle free stay and if any stumbling block comes across it is resolved in the best possible manner. Mr vikas Chandra is a peoples person, someone who is fun to be around, approachable and can even charm you with his successful celtic skills. An ear for music and an eye for those cricket matches this man is taking your entertainment very seriously.

Every member of this elite team is efficient, customer friendly, trained in more than one aspects of brewing business and resort management. Their resourceful state manager Mr Sunil Kumar who is well versed in business administration and resort regulations and maintenance is another star of their administration that will ensure you have one out of the world experience. Adding to their starlet team is Mr Rudra who is their top brewer who uses his experience and finesse to belt out some amazing batches of fresh beer.

Our Process

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Our Hospitality Stars: The Friendly Faces You'll Meet

When you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by our welcoming team.
They’re here to make sure you have a great time, whether you’re chilling in our cafe,
enjoying the view from our rooftop, or sipping on our craft brews.

Together, our team makes Brook N Pines the best place to hang out in Kasauli.
Come meet us and see why we’re known for being the top spot for food, drinks, and good times in town!