Irish Red Ale

A Taste of Tradition: Sip on our Irish Red Ale, a rich and malty brew that pays homage to the Emerald Isle’s brewing legacy. Crafted with premium quality ingredients, this beer boasts a velvety goodness that is chemical-free. Whether you’re enjoying it at the pub, during room service, or at the Jacuzzi, our Irish Red Ale promises a genuine taste of tradition.
American Lager

Crisp and Refreshing: Explore our American Lager, a classic brew with a refreshing twist, perfect for those who savor clean and crisp flavors. Crafted with the best Hops, Malt, and Yeast, our American Lager stands out for its premium quality. It’s not just a beer; it’s an experience that combines tradition with a modern and refreshing touch.
Belgian Wheat - A Symphony of Spices

A Symphony of Spices: Delight in our Belgian Wheat beer, a harmonious blend of spices and citrus notes that offers a taste of Belgian brewing craftsmanship. Crafted with precision and expertise, our Belgian Wheat is chemical-free and made with the finest ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for intense bold taste or a delicate, crisp experience, this beer caters to all preferences.

Our brewers are not just artisans; they are experts in beer malting, ensuring that each brew is a masterpiece. The selection of only the best Hops, Malt, and Yeast guarantees not only freshness but a velvety goodness that caresses the taste buds. This dedication to perfection is reflected not only in the pub but also extends to room services, Jacuzzi experiences, and picnics in the hills. Our beer is not merely a beverage; it’s a journey into intensity, boldness, and a treat for the discerning palate.Spoil yourself further by indulging in our three crafted varieties, each meticulously thought out and strategically placed to accommodate your palate as per your mood and desires. In every sip, experience the robust, intense, and hearty character of our beers, knowing that this level of excellence is a rarity, and once you’ve tasted it, there’s no turning back.

With in depth knowledge and training in beer malting this one of a kind brewery is providing you with not just beer that tastes good but will also put you in mood for more. Intense bold taste, delicate, crisp, fresh and an absolute treat to the taste buds is what this beer is all about. This brewery crafting its own beer is ensuring that the taste is much sharper as it is completely homogenised and does not carry any substandard elements used elsewhere.

A beer this robust is not be missed and should not be missed for any reasons in the world. If you could just get one sip of this heavenly beer be sure that you may never come across another beer this robust, intense and hearty. And we believe in spoiling you further by offering three crafted varieties that are well though and well placed not just in our cigs but also in a way to accomadate your palate as per your mood and whims and fancies.

Beer availability schedule

) January to April – Indian Rice Lager

2) May to August – Vienna Lager Mexican Style lager

3) September to December- Dry Lager (0%Sugar)