The Wicked Winter Ale

Our Pizza slice is not just a triangle, its love triangle – you, us and our wood fried menu
Pop that Pilsner keg

A slice a day keeps the sad way – and our pizza will wood fry them away.
Wild Weiss Beer

There is no better feeling in the world than a warm slice of our pizza in one hand and glass of cold homogenous velvety beer in the other. Try our wood fried pizza we guarantee you it will be love at first bite!

Another attraction to this first ever micro-brewery in a resort is their servings of wood fried pizzas. Cheesy, melt-in the mouth slices of the most loved Italian cuisine is the best companion to the chilled beer from their own brewery. Apart from ensuring that the flavours of the pizzas are nothing short of amazing one can also be rest assured that every serving is as fresh as it can get. From a plethora of serving styles one can choose from you can sit back and relax while we out together some best ingredients, toppings and sauces to dish out a pizza so good you will keep coming back for more.